March 19, 2018

League Season 4.5

Stampede City Pinball League ‘Spring Session’


“Pioneer League” – every second Wednesday – 7-10 pm (practice before)


Group match play format; 4 of 5 meets count; random groupings each meet; IFPA scoring 7/5/3/1.


Guests welcome but won’t count towards IFPA standings.
Email to sign up!  



Date              Meet #
Apr 18 2018          1 
May 02 2018         2
May 16 2018         3
May 30 2018         4
Jun 13 2018          5




“Expansion League” – every second Tuesday – 7-10 pm (practice before)


Group match play format; 4 of 5 meets count; random groupings each meet; IFPA scoring 7/5/3/1.


Guests welcome but won’t count towards IFPA standings.
Email to sign up!


Date            Meet #
Apr  24 2018       1 
May 08 2018       2
May 22 2018       3
Jun 05 2018        4
Jun 19 2018        5



    • Fees


    • $10 dues for the season payable in cash or etransfer at the first meet you attend


    • Machines on coin drop for play


  • No cash prizes: dues will go to IFPA fees, plaques for the winners and runners up, and a fun wrap up party to say goodbye to the 2017/18 season of SCPL during meet #5
    • Rules


    • At each meet players will be drawn into groups of 4 and play 4 games.  Draw will happen at 7pm with play starting by 7:30pm


    • MatchPlay software will be used to run the league, and will be set ‘balanced’ so each player will play as many new opponents as possible during the season


    • Each player will choose 1 machine per meeting.


    • We will use IFPA scoring: in four player groups the winner of each machine gets 7 points, second place gets 5 points, third place gets 3 points and fourth place gets 1 point (three player groups are 7 points for winner, 4 for second and 1 for third)


    • The maximum score for a someone is 28 points and the minimum score is 4 points per meet for someone who plays all 4 machines.


    • Extra balls will be plunged.  A player may use the flipper buttons to lane change before plunging. Should the ball end up in the plunger lane again after it having left said lane, the same rules as described above will apply.


    • Machine and player conduct rulings will generally follow IFPA/PAPA Tournament Rules (  Since it is impossible to cover every situation that may occur in competitive pinball, it is at the discretion of the Senior League Officials (SLOs) to make rulings to the best of their ability if a situation is not covered by these rules.


    • Each group will fill out a paper score sheet and submit results to an organizer for entry into MatchPlay. It is the responsibility of the entire group that the submitted results are accurate.


    • You earn points each meet and we count the 4 best out of 5 meets for your total adjusted score for the season.  


    • Participants need to attend at least 2 out of 5 meets to be included in the standings submitted to the IFPA.


  • Guests are welcome to play as long as there is space.  Feel free to bring people out but please let an organizer know in advance.
    • Late Policy


    • If you are going to be late to the meeting, you must let an organizer know before groups are drawn at 7pm. If you haven’t let us know by 7pm you will unfortunately not be able to participate in the meet. 


  • Once a late coming player arrives, this is the procedure: they will enter the group upon arrival. Should the late coming player arrive when the other 3 players have already begun play on a machine, he/she will receive a zero for that machine. The other 3 players will receive points as if they had been a 3-player group for each such occasion. For example: Should the tardy player arrive in time only to play 2 machines, only those two machines will be scored as 4-player groups. The other 2 machines will be scored as 3-player groups.
    • Disqualifications


  • A player who plays out of turn, plays an extra ball more than is allowed, and/or does something else to earn him/herself a disqualification will receive last place and 1 point for that machine. Always check, and double check, to make sure it’s your turn before you plunge! 


    • Final Standings


    • We will not be running a finals night for the Spring Session, so the final rankings of the season will be the submitted to the IFPA


    • Ties will be broken based on most 1st and 2nd place finishes 


  • We will crown a Champion and Runner up, as well as a Novice Champion and Runner Up (IFPA ranking lower than 3500 as of the date of meet #5)

Where is it? 
Atlantic Trap and Gill Pub, 510 Heritage Drive SW, Calgary, AB
For a complete listing of events please visit our Photos-Links-Events page

Can I play the machines the rest of the week?
Yes, certain games will be on coin drop so you are free to come in to play those anytime the pub is open to the public.
Games on site subject to change.
For an almost up-to-date listing of the games on location, go here